Property Information

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Central Campus

2713 Magruder Blvd
Hampton North I
300 Butler Farm Road
Performing &
Creative Arts Center

303 Butler Farm Road
Hampton North II

400 Butler Farm Road
Net Center II

401 Butler Farm Road
Candlewood Suites

421 Butler Farm Road

501 Butler Farm Road
Parkway Medical Center
521 Butler Farm Road

1000 Lucas Way

514 Butler Farm Road

South Campus

1 Enterprise Parkway
Oxford Plaza

21 Enterprise Parkway
Lakefront Plaza One

22 Enterprise Parkway
Olympia Place

40 Enterprise Parkway
Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute
850 Enterprise Parkway
Riverside Medical
901 Enterprise Parkway
Hampton Roads Center Condominiums
903 Enterprise Parkway
Hampton Tech Center
2000 Enterprise Parkway
Enterprise Center